Sky Muster™ Service

A satellite connected broadband service for Consumers and Small Businesses living in regional and remote Australia

nbn® Sky Muster™ satellite services are designed for residential and small business users.

Key Benefits

100% coverage of Australia including remote islands such as Norfolk Island, Christmas Island, Lord Howe Island and the Cocos (Keeling) Islands

Flexible solutions with a range of data allowances

Unlimited data options available

Cost-effective plans ideal for consumers or small business

No install or equipment charge

Choose between metered and unmetered data options

Sky Muster™ Services

Up to 150 GB/month during peak hours and 150 GB/month off-peak.

All data is metered.

Available at 12/1Mbps or 25/5Mbps speeds.

Public IP Address supported.

Layer 2 connectivity available.

Sky Muster™ Plus Services

Most activities except video streaming and VPN traffic unmetered so they do not contribute to your monthly data usage.

All activity outside 4pm and 12 midnight is not metered and uncapped.

Maximum 150GB/month metered data.

Standard speed is 25/5Mbps and can burst higher (subject to available network capacity)**


Sky Muster™ Plus Premium

Powered by nbn® SkyMuster™ Plus

Uncapped data for all internet activities*

Base speed of 25/5Mbps with burst speeds of 100Mpbs (subject to available network capacity)**

* Fair Use Policy applies

** To proactively protect and ensure the fair access to the nbn broadband access network for all users, nbn may from time to time, at its discretion, shape the following  activities to maximum wholesale upload and download speeds of 256kbps:

  • streaming video between midnight and 4pm
  • VPN between midnight and 4pm
  • uploads and downloads via peer to peer;
  • uploads and downloads to cloud storage platforms;
  • PC and smartphone operating system updates;
  • software/application updates;
  • gaming software updates;
  • any other traffic related to applications which nbn cannot identify.

Other activity that nbn considers may cause adverse network impacts may also be added to the above list to be shaped.

Wholesale Service Provider of NBN

Become an nbn® Sky Satellite Reseller

Wholesale Sky Muster™ Services

Become a MultiWave Networks Reseller to market Sky Muster™ under your own brand.

At MultiWave Networks we wholesale these services to downstream providers that specialise in supporting a particular group of users, often a local community. We manage the interconnect and service while you sell directly to the customer under your own brand.

If you’re keen to provide Sky Muster™ services using your own brand get in touch.

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