Broadband Backup Services

Standby broadband connection ready when your business needs it most.

Business-grade satellite network access to the internet when your primary broadband connection has failed.


Always on… 5GB/month of data included to keep the service running in the background

Affordable lifeline… Low monthly fee with additional data available when you need it

Solid reliability… Business grade redundancy and availability independent of local ground based networks

You may need it when….

Your primary broadband connectivity is unreliable or suffers congestion during peak periods

You run a business in or near an area where natural disasters can impact telecoms networks
You need to connect with your customers and take payments without interruptions

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Key Benefits of Broadband Backup Services

Peace of mind with satellite access to the internet or private networks when you need it most

Affordable flexibility with low monthly cost

Data usage charges that only apply when you use it

Reliable network architecture, designed to deliver on-demand broadband connectivity

High redundancy as standard

With its low power needs, Broadband Backup will ensure your Internet is available in any outage

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Back up for essential monitoring of power networks during any internet outage

Tractor farming icon

Urgent back up for critical farming processes during a primary network outage

Mining truck icon

Ideal for large mining and construction operations to keep them operational to manage deadlines and costs

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Don’t let a disaster stop your business getting paid by your customers

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Keep essential services operating

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Maintain contact with Emergency Services

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