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Internet of Things (IoT) Satellite Solutions

Lower speed symmetric connectivity managed by nbn

Designed for low data rate applications and perfect for monitoring situations where data volumes are low and information transfer is not overly time-critical.


Symmetrical service offering from 10/10 kbps to 2/2 Mbps.

No volume based data charges.

No monthly data usage caps.

Cost effective terminal with fast deployment and self-installation.


Available in any combination of Information Rates including a dedicated option

Pool bandwidth across multiple services to get economies of scale
Enhance security with Encryption over the air

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Key benefits of the business nbn® Satellite Service as backhaul

Coverage anywhere in Australia and external territories

VSAT terminal is ‘set and forget’ – perfect for unmanned locations

Can provide backhaul for single or multiple local IoT services

Low ongoing cost with no data caps or excess usage charges

Independent communications channel unaffected by congestion on other network such as 4G and SkyMuster

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Power pole icon

Monitor and manage energy more effectively, reduce waste, and improve safety

Wind turbine icon

Collate and relay data on metrics to maintain and optimise functionality of wind turbines

Mining truck icon

nbn™ satellite backhaul is often the only reliable option for a remote mining operation

Tractor farming icon

Transform farms into intelligent systems that can sense and communicate climactic, environmental, machine and other metrics

Construction icon

Remote construction sites use IoT connected over nbn™ Satellite to transmit real-time data for monitoring, analytics and smart decision-making

Health icon

Transmission reliability which is necessary for critical health data to be monitored remotely

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