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Business Satellite Solutions

business nbn®

Enterprise Grade business satellite capable of delivering speeds of up to 150 Mbps with unlimited usage.

100% coverage of all Australian States and Territories.

Broadband Backup

Business-grade satellite network access to the internet when your primary broadband connection has failed and your business needs it most.

SkyMuster™ Services

Reliable internet services for consumers and small businesses in regional and remote Australia

Wholesale nbn® Services and Solutions

Partner with us to service all of Australia with our wide range of nbn® services under your own brand

Internet of Things Solutions

Designed for low data rate applications and perfect for monitoring situations where data volumes are low and information transfer is not overly time-critical.


At MultiWave Networks we recognise that regional and remote communications are a matter of necessity, not choice. Providing smart solutions that allow you or your customer to get the most out of your connection is our specialty.

Security and VPN use are often key considerations for a business and require unique solutions. We can provide advice and solutions that help integrate remote outposts with your corporate network. We also have trusted partners and technicians that can support your in-field operations.

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Community Wi-Fi Service

Working with Government and Communities to provide emergency communications

In response to the federal government’s STAND program (aimed at improving telecommunications resilience when natural disasters occur) NBN Co have recently introduced a Satellite Wi-Fi service and to support this, provide and operate a number of fixed, portable and mobile satellite installations.

MultiWave Networks are proud to be involved with this valuable initiative, serving both the needs of the community and the authorities that support these communities during these difficult times.

Our role, is to assist NBN Co, to support disaster response services by providing communications for evacuation centres or any other location where regular communications may have failed.

If you would like to know more and how your community can benefit, please visit www.nbnco.com.au/blog/the-nbn-project/supporting-community-connectivity-in-times-of-disaster or contact us here.

About us

Founded in 2016, MultiWave Networks Pty Limited is a privately owned and funded company, initially established to provide nbn® satellite services to the Australian market. Havng been one of the top nbn® satellite RSP’s for a number of years, we have become specialists in the provision of communications solutions and services to regional and remote communities in Australia.

As a B2B provider, we deliver to our downstream partners a white label service, tailored to their needs. As one of our partners, you may use our services directly or on-sell them to third parties using your own brand — the choice is yours.

The MultiWave team is highly experienced — combined we have more years of experience in relevant telecoms than we care to admit to — but we are enthusiastic about what we do and growing our business — so come and talk to us…

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