Business Satellite Solutions

powered by the business nbn® Satellite Service

Enterprise Grade business satellite capable of delivering speeds up to 150 Mbps* with unlimited usage

Are you a business in regional and remote Australia beyond the reach of land-based communications? Our business nbn® Satellite Service can deliver enterprise grade broadband connections with corresponding service levels.


MultiWave Networks delivers Fixed, Portable, and Mobile business nbn® satellite solutions including:

Access Bandwidth Service (ABS) - dedicated bandwidth with no data volume charge

Virtual ISP (VISP) - services charged by data volume

Broadband Backup – a standby service, ready at a moment’s notice

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IoT - low rate, symmetric data channels for IoT purposes

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Powered by business NBN

Features and Key Benefits

Australia map showing 100 percent coverage

Coverage anywhere in Australia and external territories

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A range of data speeds available up to 150 Mbps* downlink and 15 Mbps uplink

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Variable bandwidth options to suit your business requirements

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Choose from flexible data allowances starting at 100GB per month or unlimited plans

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Data pooling available for multi-site businesses

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Generous hardware and installation rebates available

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100% Australian owned and operated, and with nbn your data stays in Australia

Consult with us to tailor the optimum solution for your specific needs

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* Subject to nbn service qualification

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